Brand Focus: Bigshot Robot


Bigshot Robot is a reasonably newly established clothing brand out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More than just a clothing brand, Bigshot Robot also have a huge focus on storytelling and art.


I recently caught up with David Mark Zimmerman, owner of the Bigshot Robot brand, for a Q and A session.

Hi David, thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your clothing brand, Bigshot Robot.
My pleasure, Thanks!

I see you first thought about starting the brand back in 2009. What originally brought you to the decision to start a clothing brand?
While spending a couple years touring and playing in bands and designing shirts for them I wanted to keep exploring that medium.

Can you talk us through the process you followed over the next 2 years leading up to 2011?
2009 is when the dreaming started. 2010 was when I started making stickers and giving those out around the interwebs, but it wasn’t until around early 2011 that the real planning came about, and the story came into play.

What were the main obstacles you had to overcome?
Time competing against my classes, and mostly money, its costly. But being able to use some skills like silk screening and my own designs I was able to start things off at small clip.

What was your inspiration behind the Bigshot Robot brand?
Storytelling. Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney first come to mind but Fine Art, Music and Design all tell their own stories too. Not to mention, countless other artists local and worldwide!

What came first, the idea for the stories or the clothing brand?
Initially just clothing in general, but as I began creating characters and illustrating them a bit, it quickly became about more than just T-shirts.

Do you create all the designs for the brand yourself?
Yes, but I must say my cohorts help with their input.

What is your favourite Bigshot Robot item to date?
I would have to say the Reginold “Bomber” Tee because he was the first character I created to be a part of the story. OR The sketchbooks, because even more than my love for wearing comfy clothes, I love to doodle.


Sketchbook from Bigshot Robot

What advice would you give anyone thinking about starting their own clothing brand?
If you don’t like coffee, learn to love it. If you don’t like to learn, go no further.

Where do you hope to see the brand in 10 years time?
A brick and mortar set up or two, a big connection to the art culture in Milwaukee, and fostering the love for creativity. The products we provide will evolve and improve as we continue on, and as the stories “ferments” I hope to work it into the animated world. But ten years is a long time so lets say a feature length film, and a shop in every midwest state.

Thanks for your time David!

Visit the Bigshot Robot official website and store here:
Or find them on Twitter and Facebook


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